Massage cream

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Reference: RP.411.0

• Pleasant texture
• Easily absorbed
• Responds effectively to skin’s needs
• Dermatologically tested
• Paraben free


Ripar Evergreen Massage Cream is suitable for every type of massage. Maximum smoothness with no greasiness or heaviness. Contains elasticising ingredients such as sweet almond oil, and toning substances such as carnitine and caffeine, to enhance the effectiveness of body treatments. Ideal for professional massage using long, slow movements, without having to continually reapply the product. Its rich texture also promotes suppleness and hydration, resulting in firmer skin.

Active ingredients:

Sweet almond oil: emollient, nourishing, firming, soothing, moisturising
Caffeine: draining, lipolytic, firming
Carnitine: slimming, firming, lipolytic

Data sheet

200 ml tube

Apply Ripar Evergreen Massage Cream on the area of the body to be massaged. Repeat as needed.