RiparAequilibrium KIT

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Reference: KITSPA03

The complete treatment for sensitive skin. Ideal for conditions such as dry skin, erythrosis, couperose skin or rosacea.

The three products work together to reduce redness, protect capillary walls and combat the effects of free radicals and UV rays.

Skin is well hydrated and protected throughout the day.

During the night it receives nourishment and recuperation, to start the day feeling fresh and comfortable.
• RiparAequilibrium SPF 30 Day Cream
• RiparAequilibrium Serum
• RiparAequilibrium Night Cream

These products are the result of extensive expert cosmetic research. The RiparAequilibrium day cream provides SPF 30 protection from ultraviolet rays, and relief from skin conditions, thanks to its calming, vasoprotective and re-epithelising properties.  The nourishing emollients in the night cream soothe and heal the skin. Meanwhile the moisturising ingredients in the serum – including euphrasia water and soy protein – preserve skin hydration and provide relief from the redness typically seen in sensitive or allergy prone skin.