Anhydrous make-up remover

Reference: RC.140.C

• Gently removes all traces of make-up and impurities.
• Ideal for the face and body.
• Suitable for all types of skin
• Removes all kinds of make-up.


Ripar Anhydrous Makeup Remover is designed to remove face and body camouflage makeup gently and easily.

Its dense and soft-textured lipid composition makes it effective for comfortably removing water-resistant eye make-up from delicate eyelid skin.

Also ideal for professional makeup artists, including those working in entertainment or fashion.

Data sheet

Quantity 100 ml

Gently apply Ripar Anhydrous Makeup Remover to the skin using moist cotton wool.

Make light circular movements to flawlessly remove makeup and then rinse.

If desired, combine Ripar Anhydrous Makeup Remover with Ripar Toning Lotion, to invigorate and brighten the skin, leaving it feeling silky.