RiparCover Concealer Palette - fair, olive and dark skin

Reference: RC.CORR

• Full-coverage concealer;
• 8 shades to suit all skin tones;
• Formulated to camouflage imperfections;
• Long-lasting:
• Smooth, oil-free finish;
• Evens out skin tone for a natural, radiant look;
• Can be used separately or combined;
• Contains Vitamin E and other active ingredients with antioxidant properties.


The RiparCover Camouflage Concealer palette is made up of dermatologically tested products featuring a unique formula that is longwear, waterproof, transfer-proof and non-comedogenic. RiparCover concealers are designed to hide all types of skin discolourations and blemishes including dark circles, skin spots, vitiligo, acne, scarring, angiomas and rashes. With a wide range of colours for all skin types, this palette is an excellent tool for make-up artists using the camouflage technique. But even when there are no blemishes to cover, it makes a perfect everyday concealer or contour kit. Use the concealer palette to create a natural, flawless look while protecting the skin from UV rays (spf15).

** Because this formula is rich in plant waxes, exposure to heat can cause the wax to rise to the surface and bead up. These waxy beads will disappear as soon as the product is put back in a cool place. This is a natural process that does not compromise the quality of the product in any way.

Data sheet

RC 32 - RC 31 - RC 17 - RC 15 - RC 1 - RC 2 - RC 20 - RC 33

The shades of the RiparCover Camouflage concealer palette can be applied with your fingertips, a brush or the sponge applicator.

Pick the right shade and apply a small amount of concealer to correct your imperfections or even out any discoloration; finish off with the Ripar foundation of the most suitable color.

If you wish to cover more noticeable imperfections, please contact one of our recommended partners; an expert will help you choose the colors that best suit your skin tone and show you the most appropriate application technique.