Medium/dark foundation palette 2

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Reference: RS.911N

• Creamy texture that glides on smoothly to enhance uneven, dull skin;
• 8 shades for medium to dark skin tones;
• Ideal for contouring;
• Gentle formula and a wide range of colors for all skin types;
• Can be used separately or combined


Featuring a compact texture, 8 shades of color and a handy size, the Foundation palette #2 for medium to dark skin tones is the perfect base for any makeup look. Can be used as a contour to add light, shadow and depth to the face. The products can be used separately or mixed to create the shade that best suits you skin tone. Perfect for parties, special occasions, as well as fashion and artistic makeup looks.

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Prepare the skin with the right Ripar cream for your skin type, then pick the shade of Ripar Compact Foundation that works for your skin tone. Apply to the face with a damp latex sponge or a brush. For a perfectly sculpted face, use darker shades to contour and conceal imperfections, and lighter tones to highlight your best features.